» Because only Vin Diesel could ever be ridiculously nerdy enough to attend the UK world premiere red carpet for Guardians of the Galaxy wearing a “I am Groot” t-shirt and walking on stilts

MCU Civil War Script


Senator: Superheroes have to register their secret identities!
Natasha: There’s six of us. Rogers has a Smithsonian exhibit on him, Stark won’t stop telling the world he’s Iron Man, and for the rest of us, I dumped all of SHIELD’s files on the internet.
Senator: Oh. Right.

And on the subject of my parents, my mom made Russian Caravan tea this morning. She had to water it down. I did not. Which one of us is making our ancestors proud?

The most important thing about my dad

He pretty much only ever wears one of three caps. The first is from the firm he worked with in ‘96 (it’s got the date on it and everything). The second is a Stanford cap my brother got him when he did a summer program there in ‘06. The third is a University of Toronto cap I got him when I did a summer program there in ‘09.  


iasip meme: [3/5] characters:
↳ mac mcdonald.

"Goddamnit! I don’t know how to express myself unless through anger and personal attack!"


bow down to a mothafuckin QUEEN when you see one

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In the time between the orphanage and the school Cyclops used to hustle people at pool.

In the time between the orphanage and the school Cyclops used to hustle people at pool.

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Pacific Rim - Hong Kong Harbor Battle

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As a random thought…


So in the comics Hawkeye has 80% hearing loss.

The Black Widow is Russian.

Can you imagine when they’re on a mission and something goes wrong; the police are about to arrest them and they fall back on Plan H.

Black Widow, “So remember, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English”